High Blood Pressure- 4 Drug Free fixes

4 Tools to Fend Off High Blood Pressure

Did you know one in four American adults suffer from high blood pressure? Also known as hypertension, nearly one third of Americans don’t even know they have it.  High blood pressure is one underlying health issue involving heart disease; which unfortunately, is leading cause of deaths that occur today.

You see, most Americans reside in a chronically stressed state (think: work, traffic, relationships, finances, exercising, running from a hungry bear). One way our bodies immediately respond to these stressors by raising blood pressure.

No. It’s not your genetics.

High blood pressure occurs when tubes called arteries, which move blood through the body, become tight and constricted. When the space for blood to travel through these tubes gets smaller, this causes a decrease in the flow of blood through the arteries. When this process occurs, the blood is unable to deliver proper nutrients and oxygen to vital organs, ultimately starving the organs of life. Our body’s natural way of adapting to this situation is by raising the blood pressure- adequate for survival of the bodies’ organs. To keep us alive, our bodies innately respond by making the heart work harder to keep blood pumping throughout the body.

Obviously, the longer amount of time that the cause of high blood pressure continues to do damage, the greater chance of the cardiovascular system will break down and grow weaker.  Of course, this results in your chances of having a heart attack to go through the roof.

Drugs Will Never Fix it

Think about it: Is the cause of high blood pressure our body being deficient of blood pressure medications? Or course not.


Unfortunately, when a Doctor of Medicine (MD) treats hypertension, the typical approach fails to address and correct the real cause of WHY blood pressure is elevated and merely addresses the symptoms.  However, the success rate of this approach is questionable at best.

Here’s why: If a person scores a high number while assessing blood pressure, the medical approach calls for drug therapy which includes diuretics, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, and Vasodilators or Calcium-channel blockers. These lab-produced chemicals may be successful in briefly decreasing blood pressure, yet the medications do nothing to correct or even address the underlying cause of elevated blood pressure. Even worse, toxic effects and side-effects that come with the pharmaceutical are likely to be even more harmful than the problems caused simply by high blood pressure alone.


The 4 most Simple Ways to Correct the Cause of Hypertension

  1. Get your mind right

Whether faced with an angry boss or a hungry bear, our bodies are designed to deal with stress in rare “fight or flight” situations. Our high-paced, stressful lifestyles combined with a lack of sleep are major causes of the continual release of “stress hormones” like cortisol and adrenaline, lead to higher blood pressure. To offset this abnormal hormone pattern, we first need to examine our stressors and focus on limiting them.  When done daily, relaxation techniques such as meditation, prayer, soft music, tai chi, daily walks, breathing exercises, and hobbies will contribute to having a maximized mindset. After even one session of one of these calming relaxation activities, you’ll notice a greater sense of peace as well as a decrease blood pressure.

  1. Look at the Systems, not Symptoms…

…Specifically, the Nervous System, which organizes and controls all functions of the human body. Spinal subluxation or misalignments on bones at the top of your neck (just below your ears) put direct tension on the area around your brainstem. Research shows that when these bony structures shift from their normal position, the result is interference with the activity of the Medulla Oblongata, which is the control center for blood pressure located near the brain stem.

Specific Chiropractic adjustments of such spinal misalignments naturally re-set the brainstem activity to normal balance and allows for a maximized nerve flow to important organs, ensuring that the body can recognize conditions of high blood pressure, and correct them through its own mechanisms, naturally. Research shows that one chiropractic adjustment on the two top bones that protect the brain stem can lower blood pressure better than two prescriptions. “This procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination,” study leader George Bakris, MD states. Eight weeks after undergoing the atlas adjustment, twenty-five patients with early-stage high blood pressure had significantly lower blood pressure than twenty-five similar patients who weren’t adjusted.


  1. Arterial Inflammation

A common dietary misconception in patients with hypertension limiting salt consumption to reduce the fluid retention in the body. True, reducing fluid retention may lower blood pressure in the short term.  One of the major components of diet and high blood pressure is the elimination of sugar, which when consumed creates an inflammatory response in the body, especially to the arterial system. The eradication of inflammation in the arteries is crucial to fixing this condition. Other components that should be looked at are damaged fats and toxins which are also major contributors to arterial inflammation. The complete elimination of sugars, fats, and toxins by implantation of the Maximized Living Advanced Plan has been shown to effectively reduce blood pressure without the need of medication.

  1. Get Up & Go

God didn’t make our bodies with intention of sitting around, binging on Netflix, feeding on Facebook, or purging on Pinterest. We were made to move.  As indicated and advised by the Mayo Clinic, exercise programs such as MaxT3, MetCon, HIIT, and surge training, promote a healthy blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body. Regular burst-type training exercise works to reduce average blood pressure by 5-10 points respectively.



As you can see, application of any or all of the Five Essentials which are implemented at a Maximized Living Health Center will address the true cause of symptoms and disease. Not only defeating high blood pressure, but you’ll also find that a living a life with these 5 Essentials will forever keep your lifestyle in harmony with the eternal principles that will sustain great health and vitality in the long term.


-Dr. Tim Smith DC

True Source Family Chiropractic

Maximized Living Health Center