The Sweetest Truth, Hurts.

Our sugar addiction keeps us sick.

The truth hurts. Even the Sweetest Truth.  

 In the last twenty years, the average American’s sugar intake has gone up from 26 pounds per person, per year to 152 pounds of sugar per person, per year.  With this massive increase of sugar into the bloodstreams of Americans, diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, and cancer are rapidly growing out of control. Furthermore, research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the amount of sugar consumed in two sweetened drinks lowers the immune system by 50 percent for up to five hours.(1)  In other words, sugar is the number one factor that limits the ability of white blood cells to fight viral and bacterial invaders and suppresses the immune system’s ability to fight off infections, sickness and disease. This is the Sweet Truth.

The classic paradigm for dealing with infection is vaccination and other prescription or over the counter drugs. This theory supposedly bolsters immunity and prepares the body for invasion.  Clearly, if this approach worked, no one would ever get sick.


Obviously, the best way to fight infection is to build immunity.  We are born with a defense system already designed to stave off viruses, bacteria, and other bugs.  It’s called your immune system. Sugar is weakening and destroying your immunity and keeping you sick.  

Furthermore, you should be doing all things that boost immunity.  Not only to eliminate infectious disease, but other illnesses like cancer that are kept at bay by maintaining internal, healthy defenses.    
The number one source of sugar in the American diet comes from sweet drinks including soda and juices.  Desserts are also full of sugar  disease-inducing foods.

The below chart outlines the top sources of sugars. Some may surprise you. 


Many other factors impact immunity as well. Consequently, by addressing these factors, you are taking your best leap forward towards longevity, quality of life, and avoiding sickness and disease.  Obviously, drugs cannot replace this fact.  Prescription drugs may seem easier in the short run, but in the long run, the benefits just aren’t there.

The Answer?

To make the sweetest truth become the sweetest myth, it starts with 5 basics. Managing stress and cortisol levels, the right nutritional choices, maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system, the right kinds of physical activity, and minimizing toxins are all key factors in optimizing immunity.  These are all the 5 Essential elements of good health and are just that: Essential.  Because we address these 5 principles, Maximized Living Doctors and clinics are seeing profound results.

In reality, you can’t be replacing essential components of building health. Face the sweetest truth Especially by trusting the one arm bandit that is the world of medical interventions or using drugs to attempt to avoid disease.

1American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 26, 1180-1184, Copyright © 1973 by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc.