New study finds 99% of NFL Players had brain damage from concussions

The concussion topic had been in the news a lot lately. Especially after the “Concussion” movie starring Will Smith debuted in 2015 which shed light on CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

An NFL concussion study just released by JAMA found that of 202 deceased American football players who participated in a brain donation program, CTE was pathologically diagnosed in 177 players across all levels of play (87%), including 110 of 111 former National Football League players (99%).

Read the release in its entirety here.

Many of those coping with CTE are dealing with many neurological complications. Brain shrinkage, decaying and degenerating cerebral tissues are findings right in line with CTE. In fact, studies are also showing cerebral spinal fluid building up in the brain as a result from damage to the top portion of the spine.  This is because a violent blow to the head very often results in damage to the upper portion of the spine. Interestingly, this part of the brain is in a unique position to shift out of place after a blow to the head. When this shift occurs, a blockage will then prevent the flow of cerebral spinal fluid out of the brain. Build-up of fluid in the brain causes increased pressure on there areas and can lead to deterioration.

Nervous System

Once again, this reiterates the fact that the nervous system is the central controller of all human function. Keeping that precious system damage free is crucial to longevity and health.