Trust your Gut when it comes to Immunity

Trust your gut and digestive system as one of the most important “organs of immunity”, studies say.

What is meant by “trust your gut?” We are seeing that “leaky gut” aka: increased intestinal permeability, is the root cause to a host of health issues. These conditions are including everything from skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, to various autoimmune diseases like thyroid conditions, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, kidney disease, obesity, MS, and diabetes.

Additionally, researchers noticed that roughly 85 percent of children with autism also exhibit some type of GI distress This is prompting the search for a link between the digestive system and this developmental disorder.

Sick to your stomach?

We are finding that the healthy function of your “gut,” meaning the larger gastrointestinal tract from stomach to anus, is more important to our overall immunity than previously imagined. Some scientists even say that as much as 80 percent of the power of your immune system is in the gut.

The gut contains what are called GI immune cells. These cells secrete lymphocytes (the soldiers of), our immune system’s strength against viruses and bacteria.  The gut is also heavily fortified with tissue that creates T-cells and B-cells, which not only defend the intestinal mucous membrane but charge and recharge the immune system.

Your gut is not alone:
Your constant companions.

Good bacteria is crucial to assist in digesting our food (no shocking news there!). Recent genetic research is uncovering even more fascinating and nuanced roles for these bacteria, your microbiome – many are now considering these bugs be a human’s largest organ.

It’s becoming clearer that these bacteria play the role in third-party communication between the gut, brain, and immune system – much like the telephone operators of the old days. They also send signals to DNA, prompting the creation of hormones, enzymes, proteins, and more.

Additional factors to consider:

Some of these bacteria are so specialized to the human body that there is no way to get them externally. In fact, one type of GI bacteria can only be passed to a child as it passes through its mother’s birth canal. This is causing some to consider the rise in C-section births being more common correlating with the rise in many digestive issues.

Ideally, we have ten to twenty times more bacteria cells in our gut than cells in our organs and tissues. That’s a lot! Low gut flora levels leads to poor digestion, constipation, leaky gut, cramps, food intolerance, and weakened  immunity. So it’s important to maintain a healthy balance to get the nutrients you need, as well as for your comfort.

Here’s what you can do to trust your gut and boost your gut health:

  • Ditch conventional dairy and consume only grass-fed (raw if available) dairy/cheese.
  • Add fermented food items such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and fermented vegetables.
  • When supplementing, rotate your probiotics to ensure you stay in balance.
  • Replace your daily coffee/tea with a warm cup of bone broth.
  • Avoid antibiotics. These drugs kill both good and bad bacteria, allowing for overgrowth of resistant strains.

We are discovering antibiotics outside of prescription drugs. They are also turning up in conventional meats and many household items (soaps, tooth pastes etc).

Could It Be A Leaky Gut?

This disorder is due to constantly damaging our immunity mechanisms in the intestine.

You see, the cells that compose the lining of the stomach and intestines join at the edges by what are called “tight injunctions.”  By remaining tight, these junctions are keeping anything from passing through them. However, sufferers of leaky gut (especially in the more extreme cases) get a stomach and intestinal lining that looks like Swiss cheese. When this happens, undigested food, bacteria, toxins, and proteins leak across the lining and into the bloodstream, resulting in an inflammatory response throughout the body. Without the proper bacteria in the gut, the digestive system becomes inflamed as well, leading to hormone problems and high food sensitivity.

The cause of leaky gut could be one of several factors, or a combination of things. Triggers include a diet rich in grains, GMO foods, pesticides, high sugar intake, and excessive alcohol intake. Also, having an imbalance of gut flora, antibiotic use, and even some painkillers are contributing to leaky gut.

Common leaky gut symptoms include: headaches, mental fog, memory loss, frequent sickness, constipation, gas, and diarrhea.

Luckily, to “Trust Your Gut”, and fix it yourself, is easy…

  • A sure-fire quick solution: start with a fast. Talk to your Maximized Living doctor about the extent and type of fast. Fasting stops the inflammation due to lack of common food triggers.
  • Make the proper gut flora with MaxGi, Vitamin D3+Probiotics and fermented foods, bone broth and raw/grass-fed dairy/cheese.
  • Add L-Glutamine to your water. It can help the intestine lining to heal and strengthen the tight junctions – your gut cells love glutamine.
  • Remove common triggers: wheat, corn, rice, oats, soy, conventional dairy and processed/natural sugars.
  • Do things you enjoy and that relax you to manage stress.

Let’s celebrate our the microbiome– an unbreakable barrier in the intestinal lining.

Hopefully, you’re beginning to see the importance of restoring and maintaining your digestive health to strengthen your immune system.  Trust your gut, and watch as your immune system power ignites when you add these gut tips to your 5 Essentials Program.