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Reduce Inflammation, Optimize Antioxidants, and Boost Your Immune System

Chronic stress earns a bad reputation, and deservedly so. But some stress can actually make you stronger and more resilient to life’s demands. That same process occurs within your cells. At low or moderate levels, your body can manage free radicals, which are unstable, electrically charged molecules that react with other molecules and create damage.

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Backpacks & Back Pain in Children

An upcoming school year means pens, pencils, notebooks, and other essentials that fit into a new backpack. While manufacturers often focus on style, sizes, and what you can carry, good backpacks should also be designed for optimal back support. Tablets or other e-devices replacing heavy books at many schools means less stuff to carry. Still,

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What is Emotional Stress & How It Can Affect Your Spine + Overall Health

Stress permeates your life today in so many different ways. It impacts you with obvious glitches like being stuck in freeway traffic or having your boss yell at you when you under-delivered on a project. When you hear stress, you likely imagine its emotional impact, but its effects can also be physical like over-exercising or

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